Advanced Mouse Auto Clicker

Advanced Mouse Auto Clicker 4.2

Automate mouse-clicks at specified intervals and any location on the screen

Advanced Mouse Auto Clicker can do any number of clicks on the screen at a specified location. The program can be set to automate mouse clicks for the left button, right button, or middle button (it cannot detect additional buttons in mice). It can do a single click, double click, button up, or button down actions.

It can not only click at a specified location on screen, but also scan the entire screen (or a part of screen) for a particular color or a particular bitmap image and perform a mouse click if the image on the screen matches the specified image by a certain percentage. This is useful when you need to do the clicking on files of same extension or on a certain website button.

The program is automatically minimized to the taskbar when we start the clicking activity. Since we cannot use the mouse while the program is running, shortcut keys are set to starting and stopping the program. These shortcut keys can be customized.

We can specify the number of clicks the program should make before it stops. We can also specify the start and end times, and the interval between clicks. All these options can be combined in any combination.

Shaheen Khan
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  • Can automate mouse clicks


  • Quite a high price for a small program
  • Cannot detect special buttons in mice
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